The virus has caused everybody to quit working under Babylon CEO Geoff Basil, leaving him alone to make every shipment still happen. It is time for Mr. Basil to learn how to collect orders, pack boxes, and ship them out to people all on his own. But be careful, leave out any items and the customer will be mad, over-pack any boxes and you will lose money. It must be hard actually being a worker Mr. Basil, maybe you can learn a thing or two.


WASD                        -       Movement

Left Mouse Button / E      -       Pickup/Put down

Right Mouse Button / F     -       Tape Box

Scroll Up / X                 -       Cycle Up

Scroll Down / Z              -       Cycle Down

Team Members:

  • Avery - Programmer
  • Cameron - Artist
  • Griffin - Designer
  • Katrina - Artist
  • Kevin - Programmer
  • Nick - Programmer
  • Trent - Music
  • Download

    Solely Basil Setup.exe 31 MB

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